Yuuki Takanashi

My name is Yuuki Takanashi. I love marine sports.
Enoshima, Japan
18 years old
Wing foiling since July 2020




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Questions & Answers

What other water sports do you do and how long?

I do surfing, SUP surfing, windsurfing and foiling since 7 years old.

What do you like about wing foiling?

High jumping!

How did you learn and how long did it take you to wing foil?

I learnt by myself.

What is your favorite gear combination and why?

My favorite gear is NAISH1240 because it is so fast.

What was your favorite wing surfing session?

I like when jumping high with oversail.

What tips or recommendations do you have for anyone who wants to start?

If you want to start a wing, let an experienced person teach you.