Magma Kite School

Magma Kite School teaches all its courses according to the highest standards. The lessons are open to anyone from the age of 12 and above. Maximum course sizes are 4 students per instructor to respect safety regulations and offer a premium learning experience. This way the student is never neglected. With our regognized teaching method, you learn according to your skill level, knowledge and rhythm. The courses are specially taught to give you the best results in the shortest time, ready to kitesurf. We teach with the latest kitesurfing equipment and renew it every 6 months: kite with safety release, board, radio-helmet, buoyancy aid, wetsuit and harness and full insurance are included in all kitesurf lesson packages. During all our water-based course, our boat and jetski will always be near by to assist you. One of the biggest misconceptions about kitesurfing is that it is difficult to learn. With the right teaching it is well within the grasp of a complete novice to be up on a board within the 2 day course!


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