Max Moquin

I am a 15 year old water-kid from Maui that loves the ocean. Whether it’s winging, surf foiling, surfing, or even bodyboarding with friends, being in the ocean is where I want to be. Every single weekend, and during the week when I finish my homework, I go to the beach. Winging is the newest sport in my quiver, and it’s rapidly become my favorite.
17 years old
Wing foiling since June 2020




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Questions & Answers

What other water sports do you do and how long?

I also longboard, shortboard, bodyboard, and surf foil. I have been surfing and bodyboarding my whole life, but I started surf foiling in late 2019.

What do you like about wing foiling?

I love that it’s just another way to get in the ocean, ride waves, and spend time with friends and family! Wave riding has got to be what I like best, just being able to carve turns and jump higher with extra power behind you is a great feeling.

How did you learn and how long did it take you to wing foil?

I learned from my dad, who had started a month or two prior. I borrowed a bigger board from a friend until I got the hang of it. It took me several weeks to learn because whenever I had the opportunity to try, the wind was either too light or too nuking, and it was hard to get good learning conditions. But as soon as I got good conditions I picked it up fairly quickly, and am so glad I stuck with it!

What is your favorite gear combination and why?

While I haven’t tried many other setups, right now I love my Foster Designs custom carbon board, Neil Pryde Glide Surf Foil, and Slingshot SlingWing v2. When it’s nuking I use a Naish Wing-Surfer 2.8m. I am looking forward to trying new gear in the future- it’s amazing how fast the sport is evolving and I hope to be a part of it!

What was your favorite wing surfing session?

This March at Ka’a Point on Maui’s North Shore I had two great weekend sessions back to back. The waves were pumping, the wind was consistent, and I was having so much fun! Whenever the waves are up at Ka’a it’s always a great session.

What do you want or believe will significantly improve the wing foiling gear?

I think just making gear more affordable. That way more people can experience the sport and have as much fun as I do!

What tips or recommendations do you have for anyone who wants to start?

If you’ve never done any wind sports before, try standing on the beach holding the wing for a few minutes before you actually go into the water, preferably with extra advice from someone else that already wings. That’s the main thing that helped me when I was trying to learn! There are also videos you can watch from different brands or riders aimed towards beginners that can really help.

What is your biggest water sport achievement?

My biggest achievement in water sports was creating my own front wing for my foil. It is hand shaped from about 12 layers of carbon fiber with a foam core. It took around 60 hours to make, and it rides great!