Mathilde Sandor

French sailing instructor 🤙🏽! Loving everything connected to water and recently addicted to wingfoiling! Always motivated to go in the water.
I live in France, on the west coast, just south of Brittany
27 years old
Wing foiling since December 2020




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Questions & Answers

What other water sports do you do and how long?

Sailing for 15 years, windsurfing for 8 years, surfing on and off for 5 years and kiting for 4 years.

What do you like about wing foiling?

Everything! Possibilities are infinite! The feeling of freedom is crazy. The wind window in which you can sail is also pretty amazing!

How did you learn and how long did it take you to wing foil?

I learned in Fuerteventura, where I stayed last winter (2020).

What is your favorite gear combination and why?

My favourite gear is from F-one! The Perfect combo for me is the rocket wing 5’0 (60 liters), an 85cm alu mast with a phantom 1280 and a Swing 4.2!

What was your favorite wing surfing session?

I would say the one in which I did my very first complete jibe!

What do you want or believe will significantly improve the wing foiling gear?

Definitely a good harness solution.

What tips or recommendations do you have for anyone who wants to start?

Just go for it ! Do not hesitate! I you want it you can do it :)

What is your biggest water sport achievement?

Probably turning my passion for water sport into my job and daily Life!