Kai Mirel

I'm a 16-year-old from the Bay Area and I'm trying to get as good at winging as I possibly can!
I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and I mostly to Chrissy Field and Coyote Point
18 years old
Wing foiling since January 2020


OzoneF4 Foils


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Questions & Answers

What other water sports do you do and how long?

I have been windsurfing for as long as I can remember and by now I've been winging for about a year and 5 months.

What do you like about wing foiling?

When it comes to wing foiling I love that it is a relatively new sport which means that it is still being developed. No one has reached the peak of winging and I'm not sure that anyone will truly be able to, it's just a sport with so much potential greatness and I want to be a part of that.

How did you learn and how long did it take you to wing foil?

I learned by just going out and trying it. It really helped to have the experience with windsurfing and foiling prior to trying it out although it did still take me a couple trips to the water to finally get it going.

What is your favorite gear combination and why?

My new favorite setup is a 4.0m Ozone wasp v2 with the F4 90cm free race foil with a back wing angle of 4.0 degrees. My go to board is a homemade board with about 40 liters.

What was your favorite wing surfing session?

In the San Francisco Bay under the Golden Gate Bridge with 25 knot winds gusting to thirty, you can boost massive airs and surf the head high swells that come through near the south tower. Just to top it off, I also saw a whale and some dolphins later in the day.

What do you want or believe will significantly improve the wing foiling gear?

I would want the designers for the wings to somehow find a way to make the smaller wings much more powerful so that freestyle tricks could be pushed even further than they already have been.

What tips or recommendations do you have for anyone who wants to start?

Start out with a big board, a big wing, and a big foil in light wind. This will allow you to get up plaining easily and get used to the feeling of the wing in your hands and the foil under your feet.

What is your biggest water sport achievement?

I'm still working on this one.