Christina Naish

14 year old from Maui who loves the ocean!
Kanaha Beach Park in Maui
16 years old
Wing foiling since Around June 2020






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Questions & Answers

What other water sports do you do and how long?

I surf, SUP, and windsurf but for the most part I wing foil.

What do you like about wing foiling?

I love the feeling of being up on the foil. It’s like your flying and you feel so light on the board.

How did you learn and how long did it take you to wing foil?

I learned this past summer at the harbor with my dad. At first, it was difficult to even balance on the board but after just a few sessions I felt confident riding back and forth on the board.

What is your favorite gear combination and why?

I really like the 85 liter board with the 1250 foil. My wing size depends on the wind speed but I usually use the 3.6m wing.

What was your favorite wing surfing session?

I had a really good session a few months back. It was a really windy day at kanaha and all of the conditions really just lined up perfectly on that day.

What tips or recommendations do you have for anyone who wants to start?

Just go for it! At first you might be demotivated or scared but you’ll get better at any sport after time and water sports are so much fun!

What is your biggest water sport achievement?

My main sport wing foiling hasn’t really had any events or competitions in my area yet.